My 3 Favorite Youtube Journalers!

Man, there are a lot to choose from! You have people that do all types of journaling, and planning, and diy stuff. I follow a lot of them, but I have my few favorite. Here are my top 3 youtube journalers that I follow. Make sure to check these guys out!

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On Using Multiple Journals At Once

Do you separate your journals? Do you have different uses for each one? One for bad emotions? One for lists?

Many people do this. Some buy preface journals, such as the 365 journals, and prompt books. I’ve seen many people show off those books they’ve collected, which planners and journals are for what purposes.

My thoughts? Too Complicated!!

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5 Types of Journaling

There are all kinds of things you can do with a journal! People have created different methods of journaling, and they are all unique and effective. Feeling artsy? Need to plan a wedding? There’s a type of journal for just about everything you can think of. IF you’re thinking about journaling, read this post to find out what type fits you the best.

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May Goals 2017

I am getting myself set up for success – or trying to, anyways. That means I have to set some goals for the upcoming month. Let’s see if I actually stick to it! Maybe I’ll set up a tracker so I have to hold myself accountable…….

Here we go!

  • Create back up posts – This will help me when I’m stuck on ideas. I’ll simply write random posts and fix them up, but put them in the backlog.
  • Take better care of myself – This will include drinking more water, washing my face more often, dental hygiene, and exercise.
  • Less technology – I find myself spending hours in front of this computer instead of doing things that need to be done. Around the house, with the dog, for myself. Also, I end up staying up until 3 in the morning. Not great! I’ll try to limit it a bit more so I can stimulate creativity instead of lethargy.
  • Pictures!!! – I need visual media for this blog if I want you guys interested! I’m going to come up with cute little pictures for your viewing pleasure. I hope you guys are excited for that.


What are your goals for the new month coming up?


The Beautiful Benefits of Journaling

So you want to journal, but what’s the point? You’re just writing stuff down at random.

Well, that’s the beauty of it. If we could instantly record thoughts and replay them in our heads, like some kind of Black Mirror thing, we wouldn’t need journals! But alas, how else are you going to remember things and analyze yourself?

Here are the beautiful benefits I find in journaling:

  • Memory Keeping – With our lives being so busy all the time, non stop, sometimes we don’t have time to appreciate what we have in the middle of the day. Sometimes we need to take some time out of the day to really love our memories and life. You’ll thank yourself years later too, when you’re flipping through a journal and you’re surprised by a pleasant memory.
  • Decluttering –  When you have so many thoughts and worries in your head, it’s hard to focus on what you need to be doing. A journal is a great place to think with abandon. Remember, nobody is reading this but you. Hopefully. So dump all that stress into your trustful little book, and you’ll start feeling clearer.
  • Problem Solving – Sometimes the only way to figure something out is to analyze the whole thing. Writing down your thoughts on a difficult situation can help you think it through and help you figure out what to do next. It’s like a one-person therapy session, with no bills and no judgement.
  • Know yourself better – When you’re all done ranting and raving, and you look back at those thoughts without the emotion attached, you’ll see it all in a different light. Who knew that’s how you felt about that lazy coworker? Is that who you really want to be?
  • Perspective – Now try writing the situation from their perspective? What were they thinking and feeling? This is the number one thing that can help people stop getting so frustrated over misunderstandings. Empathy. Changing your perspective on other things, like life in general and how to approach your dreams, can change your whole life. Try it.